My journey towards a balanced life – Part 1

In the past few years, I achieved many things that I am really proud of, like co-founding Menaversity, starting my own digital agency Qualtech, sharpening my Marketing and Business skills, attending and pitching in conferences and events, in addition to expanding my business and professional connections and my programming and technical skills.

Starting my own business is a dream of mine but still, it  is a really difficult task, it requires working for long hours, communicating with clients, respecting deadlines, in addition to coping with stress and handling a lot of pressure while keep moving forward in steady steps (or at least as steady as possibe).

All that, made me realize how much I am neglecting my own social and personal life. weekends for me, are just like any other day and sometimes, in order to finish a project I work in cycles of work and sleep (and Netflix series), work and sleep (and more series…), to the extent that I finish a project on Wednesday or Thursday while still thinking if today is Sunday !! don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining, and no one has forced me on such a lifestyle.. I LOVE what I am doing and I am so passionate about all these techie/nerdy stuff, but at the same time.. I want to create some balance, I want to meet people, to go out more, enjoy the social aspect of life, because deep down I know that this is affecting me negatively.. and because I know that by doing so I will actually benefit both my personal and professional life !

The secret to achieve such a balance is taking the decision, we will always have work to do, projects to finish, and if we do not take a “conscious” decision about going out, meeting new people, having fun with friends, taking a break, relaxing, or even a time to “do nothing” we will end up with an unbalanced life, and that’s rarely a good thing !

I’ve made up my mind, and I hope this is going to be a new exciting chapter in my life.





5 thoughts on “My journey towards a balanced life – Part 1”

    1. Hello Aisha,

      Based on my exerperience and what I learned, I can summarize it in 2 main points:

      1- time management/setting priorities: you must set a “strict” time for activities that aren’t related to work (exercice,social gathering,etc..) and commit to them as if they are the most important business meeting in your career, because they actually are that important (if not more !), but sometimes we underestimate their importance that we simply keep postponing. so, willing is not enough, there should also be an action plan.

      2- learn to say “No” a lot: by setting your priorities (let’s say for example: work – exercice – and meeting friends) you start to have a reference to what’s actually important to you, so whoever asks you for something, you will have a reference to whether you should help (which of course is the best thing if it doesn’t conflict with your priorties/values),compromise or simply say No I can’t, I know there is a guilt factor, and I used to feel guilty when doing that, and actually sometimes I said yes just out of guilt, but lately I started to feel almost a zero guilt for declining an invitation or a meeting when I genuinly explain the reasons (though you don’t have to) people will understand and appreciate your honesty, but if they didn’t, well, I belive they don’t deserve to be in your social circle in the 1st place.

      Good luck !

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