My journey towards a balanced life – Part 2 (The plan)

After writing my first post (My journey towards a balanced life – Part 1), I started setting a plan to move forward, to set a plan I specified non-work related activities that are important to me and that will help me create a more balanced life, and they are mainly divided into 3 categories:

  • Meeting new people and expanding my social circle
  • Re-connecting with my friends
  • Exercising

It wasn’t enough for me to say I am going to start, I needed an action plan, because I know myself, if I didn’t do that, I will just get super busy with projects and just postpone other stuff, the ‘intention’ alone is not enough, I think you can easily relate, let me ask you a question:

How many times you decided to start exercising or going out more and then you found yourself sitting on the couch months later and doing nothing (despite the fact that you are totally aware that these activities are beneficiary for you)?! (does new year’s resolution(s) ring a bell?!)

so, based on all that I knew that planning is totally the key to proceed.

What I did next is writing on a piece of paper what I want to do for this month, and I divided them by days, I ended up with this list:

  • Running
  • Cardio/Weight lifting
  • meeting a friend
  • attending non-technical event (because I already attend many technical ones!)
  • working on my blog

The above were important to me to create my balance and to feel more relaxed and energized, your list may be totally different but you get the point.

later on, I found a website to help me print a calendar (Link here), I organized the tasks into days and I printed a calendar of repeated tasks that I posted on my wall:

My “life” schedule for March 2016 – Click the image to enlarge it

I recommend you do the same if you are struggling to balance your life, and remember, the main key is to give these tasks the same priority as your work, or else, years will just pass by – and you will suddenly wake up wondering what have you done with your life!! well here is what you have done: You didn’t follow the advice on my blog !! (No Pressure 😛 )

on the other hand, if you decided to do that, and you would like some support, I would be happy to feature your progress in one of my posts.

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