Why I started a Facebook page for this blog

Few days ago, I decided to start a personal Facebook page for this blog. Having my own page is a part of my objective to have a more balanced life, and its main purpose is to be able to connect with new people in addition to current site visitors.

This blog provided me with the opportunity to share my ideas and personal experiences with the world, and by sharing these posts on social media, I will get the opportunity to connect with genuine people that otherwise I may not have the chance to meet.

Here is how I see it, in the past few years I met a lot of cool people because I was attending more events, and I was socializing more, and it wasn’t easy for me at first, it was even a bit awkward, especially that I am an introvert, and because I didn’t use to go out much before, but with time and practice, interacting with new people and building relations started to become easier, and I was able to initiate and engage in conversations in a much smoother and natural way, which led me to hear cool stories, learn a lot and build connections.

My aim from the page is to communicate and connect, and maybe this will lead me to build new friendships or meet some awesome people, I really don’t know.. but what I do know, is I am putting myself out there by sharing topics and personal stories on my blog.. and if you would like to meet or connect, just leave me a message and I will be happy to hear your story, because everyone has something interesting to share!

You can check/like the blog’s new Facebook page by clicking here.

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