Relaxation guide (Part 1): Decluttering

After writing How to relax when there’s no magic switch, I received a suggestion to add external links that are related to my content, I thought about that, and I decided instead to write a practical guide based on my own experience.

In these posts I will share my experiences, and what worked for me, each post will be dedicated to one topic only.

Keep in mind that not everything will work exactly the same for you. so just stick to whatever works the best.

The 1st topic to reduce stress, is decluttering. And here’s a definition from


verb (used with or without object)


to remove mess or clutter from (a place).


to organize and prioritize (one’s commitments, material possessions, etc.)
 Decluttering can be physical or mental, and both are important.

Let’s start by the physical..

By removing items from your desk, cleaning your place, and removing as many unnecessary objects from your room/house/office,etc.. you will feel more relaxed… or at least less stressed..

This may be a bit difficult if you are attached to items, but you won’t understand how relieving the result is, until you try it.

if you have extra books or stuff that you no longer want, donate them!

if you have old useless papers, just throw them!

if your space is extremely messy, rearrange it..

and so on..

I know that with time, things may get messy again, but at least by understanding this concept, you will make a conscious effort to declutter early and more often..

Now when it comes to “mental decluttering”, one of the methods is to clear your mind by writing things down, I already talked about that in one of my personal podcast episodes, you can listen to it here: Episode 1: شيل من راسك وحط على الورقة

and that’s it for part 1!

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