My new startup: “Kanj Workshop”

Let me ask you a question..

Wouldn’t be cool to find unique products online? Products that are customized, 3D printed or handmade? Maybe a product with a custom electronic circuit, and some flashy small lights? Or a combination of one or more of these characteristics?

Such a product can be used by you, or delivered as a special gift to your loved ones.

Think about it, We keep finding online very similar products, that are dull, boring, and have the same functionalities, and most of them may not be customized to fit our own needs or style, but they are designed to address the mass market, to sell millions of the same looking product, with little to no concern about small markets and individuals preferences..

one of my early projects, a remote controlled (RC) car

You may be still wondering what is this exactly.. And why I started well, here’s my story:

My name is Hassan Kanj, and I Love building stuff, and mixing different disciplines together in order to produce interesting, elegant, customizable and functional products, I like to mix 3D prints, with electronic circuits, with computer programming, and customizable 3D modeled parts to build a product that is both appealing and useful, the final product doesn’t necessarily have to include all these features, it may be as simple as a customizable 3D printed bracelet, or a more advanced product like a RFID lock system, that helps you enter your apartment using a RFID tag instead of a key..

A 3D enclosure I designed and printed for a prototype I was working on! building custom stuff is super cool!

I have a bachelor degree in computer science with Honor, and I spent so many years (and still) programming, I started my own business, helped many clients build their websites, and their online presence, I built many side projects, and co-founded a startup, and later, I started experimenting with building and programming electronic devices (which was something I was so curious about since university, but unfortunately back then, I didn’t have the chance to follow this topic more or to buy all the needed tools to experiment with), so I decided to start allocating money to build my own Lab/Workshop, and gradually, I started buying tools (Drills, screwdrivers, bolts, nuts, Arduinos, soldering irons,…) and with time, my tools started to grow and my skills improved (and of course I am still learning and improving), and I was so passionate about mixing my programming skills and integrating custom programming code in the physical products I build, it was cool building websites and apps, but it is even cooler and more exciting (for me at least), to build a robot, a RC car, a bracelet with lights patterns, that include a cool design, and that can be controlled by a code I implement in these devices.

My father couldn’t find a replacement for a broken part for the car, so I have 3D modeled and printed it.
original broken part (top left), 3D printed part (top right and bottom)

After building different personal projects, I decided that I really need a 3D printer, and a CNC machine. Both are useful to provide a more “professional” look to my products, and after saving some money, I bought my 1st 3D printer, and later, a small CNC machine.

The aim of Kanj Workshop isn’t to sell to millions of people, or to mass produce millions of generic items, but rather, a place where you can buy customizable items, items with a personalized touch, some of these items can be customized (to add your name, or different color, text, etc..), you can use them yourself, or buy them as a special gift for someone.. I mean, a customized “print your name on a mug” is boring, so let’s replace that, by building something more awesome!

some of the tools at my workshop

and here’s the website link:

KanjWorkshop Facebook page:

KanjWorkshop Instagram page:

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