KanjWorkshop YouTube channel

KanjWorkshop YouTube channel

I started working lately on KanjWorkshop YouTube channel, and I am planning to focus on the following:

– Product design
– 3D printing
– Electronics
– Programming
– Building kits and/or reviewing kits

and also I am planning to focus on the Arabic language in my videos while working to make the video editing professional and the experience enjoyable for you.

I hope that this YouTube channel will help anyone to learn more about 3D printing and electronics and also to provide them with the knowledge needed to pursue their passion, especially if they lack the language skills to watch English videos.

This is still fairly new, and I just have few videos so far, but I am planning to add much more in the future and hopefully the channel will become a reference in the future for any Arabic speaking individual who’s interested in such topics.

If that’s something that interests you, I would appreciate it if you subscribe to the channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9Utbh8h6kOa0qRcf6VRS0Q

and even if you are not interested, I would also really appreciate it if you share the channel link with your friends who might be interested in such topics.

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